Nameplate Keychain Pattern

NOTE: This is a downloadable pattern, not a finished product.

This PDF contains the pattern for the bracelet with lines to cut along and where to punch all the necessary holes. It also contains step by step instructions for everything from printing the pattern to having a finished product!

Approximate completion time: ~ 2.5 hour

Tutorial video can be found here:

Materials & Tools Used

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4-6oz Veg Tan Leather

Realeather: Double Shoulder
Tandy Leather: Special Purchase Double Shoulder
European Leather Works: Grade A Pre-Cut

Leather Dye

Small Rivets

X-Small Rivets

Snaffle Bit Keychains

Decorative Snaffle Bit Buckles: Set of 2

Masking Tape

Scotch Painter’s Tape:

Sponge Brush

Metal Ruler

L Square Ruler:

Craft Knife

X-Acto Precision Knife:

2mm Hole Punch

Realeather Mini Punch Set:

Round End Punch

Hanperal Half-Round Punch:

Rivet Setter

Setter and Anvil:


Leather Carving Hammer Mallet:

Edge Beveler

Tandy Leather Size 2 Edge Beveler:

Edge Slicker

Multi-Size Wood Slicker:


Tandy Leather Beeswax Block:

Leather Cement

Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement:

Stitch Groover

Tandy Leather Craftool Pro Stitching Groover:

Sewing Needles

Size 0 Harness Needle:

Stitching Chisels

4mm Diamond Stitching Chisel Set:

Screw Hole Punch

ImpressArt 2-Hole Punch:

Drill with 1/8in Bit

Ryboi Drill and Bit Set:

Stamping Block

Steel Stamping Block:


Brass Head Hammer:

Metal Stamps

3mm Juniper Uppercase:
Galloping Horse:

Ring Blanks

ImpressArt Ring Size 7-9:


Oil-based Sharpie: