Pattern Makers

My Recommendations

While I really hope you enjoy and love all of my patterns, there are also a lot of other great pattern makers out there!

Below are a few of my favorite.


DieselpunkRo’s arm bracers were the first leather pattern I ever purchased when I first got into leatherworking, and I’ve purchased and built countless of his patterns since. All of his patterns and tutorial videos are super easy to follow and are great for beginners and advanced leatherworkers alike!

Black Raven Armoury

While I wouldn’t recommend Black Raven Armory’s patterns for anybody brand new to leatherworking (just because the instructions aren’t overly detailed), his patterns and designs are definitely best in class. I would definitely recommend his patterns for experienced leatherworkers looking to make some incredible leather armor.

His online Beginners Masterclass is also great if you’re looing to get into creating your own designs. It goes over armor design, tools and leather types, pattern making, leather tooling, water forming & leather hardening, and more.